The Blog and I

Motion. Photography. Work.  Just below family and friends on my priority list, these three things have always been at my core. I like to keep moving, new experiences, new environments, new people, and learning new things. Photography has been a passion in my life since early high school. The vision, creating, collaboration, to the final product. Work, it should be engaging, motivate me, and most of all enjoyable. Get the right combination of these, and for me life is good.

After a few decades of working in software engineering, corporate offices, fluorescent lighting, four walls, and climate control, I really needed a change. Luckily an opportunity presented itself and I took it. A year later I had my own business creating training and marketing videos for high technology corporate clients. Things progressed and now include advertising and marketing photography and media production.

Mixing my interest in aviation and work is always welcome

My work had me moving again. No longer confined to building interiors, and I had great variety in my work and daily environments. I shot hanging out of helicopters, underground in Bostons ‘Big Dig’, NYC Times Square to local town squares, in the studio and out on location, Boston to Bejing, it was great.

But I was still tethered much of the time to an office for post processing images, video production, office and administration duties. Technology has evolved enough to allow workers to be very portable, but I hadn’t. It would be so cool to be able to work anywhere and anytime.

So I moved my office into a 20’ Class B camper van!

On the beach in the Outer Banks

As the Southwest Airlines tag suggests, “You are now free to roam the country!”. And I was.  The Roadtrek is a great enabler and form fitting for my lifestyle. It is fully self contained with the same amenities of larger motor homes, but carefully designed to fit in a much smaller package.

For basic work, cell/wireless, power, table, and a laptop is all I need.

I’ve outfitted the van such that I can cover most of my daily needs. Video editing, photo retouching and compositing, e-mails, text, and internet access. Critical color work or more demanding 4K editing will still require my fixed edit suite, but so much work can be handled on the road. With access to my media on-line through the internet, and a portable raid server in the van, I can have all required media with me, or at minimum direct access via the internet.

My plans for this blog will be to write about my exploits along the lines of Motion, Photography, and Work. The ups and down of a mobile office on the road. The destinations and locations that caught my attention along the way. My personal photography and occasional commercial work when paths cross. Other passions such as RC helicopters and airplanes, ham radio, and of course the enabler itself, the Van.

I’ve always loved the freedom of  working for myself, and the mobile office just brings things to a whole new level.

Working at the beach, my office for the day.