My RC Helicopter and Airplane Obsession

Flying off the ice on lake Sebago. 40% Extra 300, 150cc twin cylinder motor, 32″x10 prop

With frequent travels to giant scale radio control airplane and helicopter events, some may find my radio control blog Confessions of an RC Addict of interest. Currently, its a mash of an older website created years ago, mixed with current blog posts. Not as neat and tidy as I would hope, it does have a lot of information and historical posts from years past. Sometime in the near future I will overhaul and update it, then start regular posts during the flying season.

Blog at Confessions of an RC Addict

A few images of the insanity…

The Extreme Flight Yak-54 at the Westport NY Fly In.
L-39 shortly after purchase being inspection and getting familiar with the setup and configuration.
This was my 40% Giles 300, also taken at Westport NY. This image was from nearly 10 years ago.
Both of my 40% Carden Extras. The Red and White in the background was built by Steve Swhan and purchased used from him. The blue Lexus on in the foreground was jointly built by myself and Mike LaPierre. 
My 1/3rd scale J3 Cub. This was sold several years ago, and last I heard was still flying.