Details on the ‘Mobile Office’

My rolling office, a Roadtrek 190 Popular Class B RV

Since many have asked, here are some details on the van;

Road trek 190 Popular, Class B RV, built on a Dodge Ram 3500 Van chassis.  Fully self contained w/36gals fresh water storage, 6gal hot water, 12gal black tank, and 26gal gray tank. 20lbs propane on board for cooking, hot water, and heat. Bathroom and stand up isle shower. Two burner gas stove, 3 way refrigerator/freezer, and microwave for cooking. Air conditioning and furnace for cooling and heat. Dual batteries providing 175Ahr, with a 600W inverter for 120V current from the house batteries. 2800 Watt Onan gasoline generator providing 120V AC power and draws its fuel from the RV gas tank. It could literally run for a week or two on a full tank of gas. Class II trailer hitch and a 5000lb towing capacity. Dodge 318 5.2L V8, bullet proof reputation, tons of power for tackling the hills.

Kitchen on the right, bed and dinette in the rear with table, bath/shower is on the left. This is a very cozy ‘rolling micro apartment’ for one, still comfortable for two. Three, I couldn’t, but others have.

Yes, they pack a lot in very little space.  It is a full featured RV carefully and elegantly packed into a very small package. The design goals to be functional, comfortable, and not waste any usable space show. For systems that are used a short amount of time during a day are given the least amount of space. Things that will be used for long periods have priority on space and comfort. They designed standing room for anyone 6’ or less by lowering the floor and raising the roof.

As seen from outside the dual side doors. The table and drawer unit in the left foreground can be swapped out for another seat, allowing for three passengers with seat belts.

Based on those design goals, for example, the bed being used long hours each day can be made into a queen, or two twin size beds. The bathroom, used only a few minutes each day is tucked away in a side closet. The shower also used minimally, utilizes an isle shower setup (clever and very functional). Counter space is short on supply, but there are three slide out tables that provide additional counter space on demand, and tuck way when not needed. These types of considerations are evident throughout the van.

Front seating area setup for working with swivel table which is also removable. You can work from either seat, or use it as a dinette for two. The third seat mentioned in the photo caption above is in place in this image. While I rarely take three passengers, it does creates dinette seating for two, so I use it in this configuration often. I love the versatility of the Roadtreks.

The on-board systems are enough to camp anywhere and be fully self contained for 10-12 days for one person, or about 5 or 6 days for two. We can extend another day or two if we are careful. If we dump the gray and black tanks once a week, and take on some water, we can go for very long periods of time without issue. The 100 watt solar panel and on board batteries provide all the power needed, only requiring the generator for the air conditioning or microwave use. Neither of which are used often.

For more serious editing, a second monitor is used in a dual monitor editing setup. Laptop is fed by a 4TB Raid system with a duplicate of the original media back at the office. It’s good enough for most work other than critical color correction and grading. The monitor doubles as a entertainment device allowing DVD or downloaded content playback in HD, as well as picking up ‘over the air’ digital HDTV. If I need serious power I can bring a Mac workstation along.

Dual monitor editing setup in the rear area.

Being able to work on the road makes it fun to go to work every day. The view is ever changing, and the chain to the office broken. Knowing I have a week of post production work no longer ties me to a desk. I just take it on the road. Refreshing to say the least.



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