Roadtrek Adaptability

One of the things I appreciate most about the Roadtrek, especially the floor plans prior to 2004, is the flexibility they provide. The rear area can be configured as a dinette, bench seat and twin bed, two twin beds, a queen sleeping east/west, a king sleeping north south, or a U shape lounge. If you are more creative, and have basic woodworking skills, you can do much more.

Bed setup in the rear as a double, perfect for two people under 6′ tall. Setting up as a double rather than a queen allows for additional storage under the pantry (passenger side) and clothing cabinet (drivers side).
The double as seen from the rear, showing the additional storage available under the pantry. This opens up two 19″x22″x24″ areas for storage. This side allows for 4 baskets, each 11″X11″x10″, and two smaller tray baskets on top.
At the foot of the bed under the other storage area we store a Dometic CFX28 DC powered refrigerator. This augments the built in 3 way fridge and adds a higher level of temperature control the 3 way fridge can’t handle. Additionally, it adds about 45% more cold storage, or can act as a freezer. Much more versatile.

If the bed were setup as a king size, both of the storage areas would be lost to the bed area, and in my opinion wasted space. Even with two of us on long trips, the east/west double bed is more than adequate, even when I sprawl out which I am prone to do. It measures 72″ x 64″.

The bed setup opens up more storage under the bed. I typically keep folding chairs, water jugs, and other larger items here.

Keeping a permanent bed setup also opens up a very usable storage capacity under the bed. This would be lost if switching from a dinette to a bed each evening, as it would need to be clear for daytime use.

On bug free days, its nice to open the back doors when curled up reading or using the laptop.

Having configured the front seating area with a very versatile table configuration, we have a dinette in the front so having one in the rear is redundant. The view is also better in the front than the rear, so we never used the rear very often. With that said, it’s very easy to convert it to any configuration before a trip if we find one configuration may be preferable to another for any given trip.

The bed area also makes a great lounge area for watching a movie and reading. View is from the back of the van with the doors open and looking inside.

I added a small shelf at the foot of the bed (above) for misc small items to see how I like it. Easily removable in order to stick with the easy configurable theme. I’ll make a better looking one now that I know I like it and use it all the time. TV and DVD player in the upper right, and a couple wire bins on the upper left for books, remotes, cell phone, etc.

View of the kitchen, stove, sink, 3way fridge and microwave.
Slide out counter sections increase the counter area when cooking, and tuck away when not needed.

There are two slide away counter areas to increase the counter for cooking. The one on the lower right is also the silverware drawer. When you open the drawer you are presented with the silverware. But if you reach under the counter and pull, the extended counter slides out. It is also removable for cleaning.

The counter extension shown on the upper left of the image slides under the pantry, as well as also has a slide out platform to allow easier access to your food storage (see image below). I am using a USPS box temporarily at the moment to see if I like the sizing and/or want to make any changes. Once I determine the optimal dimensions, I’ll make a more appropriate version.


Adequate counter space for a micro apartment on wheels.

I’m currently making a shelf area behind the spice rack on the window sill for small odds and ends. I found some stick on window treatment that simulates a stained glass look.  I didn’t like the curtains that were there, but still wanted privacy. The stick on treatment served well for privacy, but also lets in light and totally eliminates the need for the curtain. The window treatment can be replaced at any time as it sticks without any kind of glue, and is easy removable without any residue. One of the better modifications I’ve done, and was cheap, fast, easy, and adds a more custom look inside and out.

Rear view camera, ham radio, and temperature monitor.

The temperature monitor has wireless remote sensors that can be placed just about anywhere. I have one in the freezer, refrigerator, one I move around when I need to measure temps elsewhere. The last temp displayed is the inside temperature. The refrigerator is off when I took this image, hence the 64F and 67F readings.

One thing I really appreciate with the new Dometic portable 12V refrigerator/freezer is how fast it comes up to temperature. The original 3way would take 8-10 hours to reach 32F on 120V AC, 24hrs on LP gas, and almost never on 12V DC (12V is worthless on the 3way). The Dometic CFX28 portable refrigerator was 32F within 45 minutes after plugging it in. Very fast to get to temp, holds the temperature accurately, and is very efficient and reasonable for running off the house batteries. I’ll post more on the Dometic CFX28 in the future after I’ve used it over several trips and have more experience with it.

Owing a full size van, and having mini-vans in the past, I couldn’t resist this sticker! 🙂
The TV is on a swivel mount allowing it to be used from the front or rear of the van.
This image shows the rear area setup as a dinette with rear table and easily configured into twin beds by storing the table. This was an early image, much has been changed since this was taken.

Speaking earlier about the front table configuration, the following images illustrate how it’s setup. The table itself is on a bracket that allows it to swivel from side to side, and there are two mounts for the table allowing you to move the table as needed, further enhancing its versatility.

Table slid over to allow use as a cocktail table for three.
Table further slide over for use as cooking space in the kitchen.
Another view of the table used for cooking in the kitchen.
Table with all ‘wings’ out, and the second table behind the drivers seat deployed. This allows for maximum table space for two, although the drivers seat would be inaccessible.
With table removed and stored behind the drivers seat, the three seats in the front make for a comfortable conversation area for three.
Rear seating area setup as a U shaped lounge for relaxing.