Morning Fog and Foliage

Olympus EM5, 14-42mm lens.

I wanted to shoot a timelape video of the sunrise over one of my favorite spots to sit and relax. I made sure the van was ready to go first thing in the morning, and set my alarm for 4:30am.

Olympus EM5, 14-42mm lens.

I’d like to say that I got up for an early morning run, but that would be a lie. Instead, I dragged myself out of bed, quick shower, poured myself some coffee, and headed out. Its only about 20 minutes from my house, so a short commute.

Olympus EM5, 14-42mm lens

The fog tends to settle in the valley at this field. Always a nice view if the conditions are right for fog. Throw in some fall colors, and it was great to just sit and watch as the sun rises then scrapes across the field.

The whole time I was there, 5:15am till around 9am, I only saw three other people. A jogger, a dog walker, and a guy that parked and watched for 5 minutes then left. Maybe I was in his spot 🙂

iPhone 6

The iPhone6, while very limited as a photographic tool, still does a very credible job of capturing a scene within its constraints. A little tweaking in post and they are very acceptable for web use.

After the spectacle, I stuck around for a while catching up on e-mail and preparing for the upcoming tax season.


Beach side office


Horseneck beach area served as my office for the day. Editing a documentary, answering e-mail, admin work, all done mobile with tethered hot spot right off the beach.

Great views of incoming and outgoing boats, ocean breeze, and taking breaks walking the beach is a welcome change. Other than the seagull that raided the van while I was feet wet in the water, it was a great day at the office.

I managed to spend the morning in the sand while working on the laptop. Once the sun shifted to my back and it was harder to see the screen, I had lunch then moved into the van. With all the windows and the side doors open, it was just as nice as being outside. There was a constant breeze blowing through the van, warm sun through the windows, and all the sounds of nature. And a great view each time I looked up from my laptop.


What a great way to work. I don’t know why I didn’t do this 15 years ago when I started my business. Much wasted time in a traditional home office setting 😦 I’ll just have to make the best of it going forward.

Special Maine coast hiding spot


I have a nice spot in Maine that I like to visit and work from. I can park on the coast, open my doors, and work with the view and sounds of the ocean all day. Its also great for taking a break and walking along the rough rocky coastline, working on photography, and having lunch at the convenient nearby lobster shack.


Most of these images were taken with my trusty travel camera, a Olympus EM5 with a kit lens. Small, portable, and provides great results for a micro-four thirds camera for non-critical use. When I went to Barcelona Spain, I left my expensive gear home and used the EM5 extensively for documenting my travels. A stark contrast to my China trip where I lugged a full size Canon DSLR and L-lens around the country which was no fun. The EM5 and lenses were so light and gave me much better mobility.


For most uses, the EM5 is more than up to the task. While I wouldn’t use it to shoot my commercial work, for billboards, or low light, etc, the images up to 16×20 are on par with the Canon if I do my part.




A very local office window view


A different office window view for today. Rather than venture out in the rain, I decided to work from my covered front patio. I wasn’t doing any heavy editing, so all I needed was the laptop, power, and internet connection. Add coffee and a sweatshirt to hold off the chill, and I was all set.

I can see the van, so does that count?