Bay of Fundy

Arrived in Alma New Brunswick, Bay of Fundy National Park, and stayed at Chignecto Campground. It was our base camp for the next few days of exploring.

For the most part, we were greeted with great sunrises and sunsets throughout the trip.

During the days we explored around Alma, Bay of Fundy, and Cape Enrage. The evenings usually ended with a sunset, a Manhattans and Lindt chocolate around the campfire, and an episode of a new series we started to watch called “The Americans”. Basically Russian spies posing as an american couple living among us and carrying out KGB operations. Done well, and interesting.

One morning I drove to the Bay of Fundy overlook at 5:30am for a sunrise, as the weather forecast was heavy morning fog. I had hoped to catch the fog lying below the overlook as the sun rose in the distant. I was disappointed as there wasn’t a spec of fog anywhere. Just a mediocre sunrise that morning.

View from dinette in the van with the doors open. Had breakfast here while planning our destinations for the day.

So we headed off to sight-see and found a nice spot overlooking a marsh area to have breakfast. Then headed to Cape Enrage where there were some very nice scenic spots to hang out, hike, and enjoy the day.

At one point we were driving slowly on a hillside road that dropped off to the ocean below enjoying the scenic vista. A bald eagle flew nearby and was nearly pacing us hovering in the wind about 50’ outside my drivers window. The sensation was as if I was flying beside him. I reached for my video camera just as he started a slight left turn away from us, and then descended to the cove below. An opportunity for an outstanding image vanished.

Lunch stop along the way. New Brunswick.

Later in the day we found another scenic spot to stop and have lunch. We lingered there for a while just enjoying the view, warm temperatures, and cool breeze.

We traveled along a nice scenic drive, captured a few good photos, and walked along the bay as the tide was out. I met a woman, Liz, who had been traveling for the last three weeks in the areas we were heading to. She gave me some great tips on out of the way places. She also reaffirmed that heading up to Meat Cove was worth the effort. That was our next destination.

Restaurant view during dinner in Alma harbor during low tide.

Here are some images from the areas explorations.

Alma Harbor, low tide. Looking down on the boat from the dock 15′ above.
Low tide, Alma Harbor
Leaving Cape Enrage. Stopped to check the map for another destination.
Another roadside breakfast.
5:00 am rise, only for a mediocre sunrise and no fog 😦
Fundy National Park welcome center at sunrise

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