Nova Scotia-Camping on the Border

Heading to Canada, Nova Scotia to be exact, rain was a constant during the drive. Seems to be a constant theme in all my travels this season. I’m always driving through rain storms, and high winds. Makes a long drive seem much longer, more tiring after such long periods of intense concentration trying to peer through the rain drops looking for hidden dangers down the road.

Walmart, Calias ME. Our first stop on the way to Nova Scotia.

After 5 hours of driving, we arrived in Calias ME. Our goal was to spend the night on the US side, and cross the border in the morning. That would give us a fresh start for the next 5-6 hours to the Bay of Fundy the next day. Basically, breaking a 12 hour drive in half over two days.

We parked in the far corner next to a stand of trees.

It made no sense to go through the call, make reservation, check-in, plug-in, sleep, unplug, and check-out process of a campground. So we spent the night in a Walmart parking lot. Pulled in, turned off the ignition, and went to sleep. In the morning, made coffee, bought supplies, then turned on the ignition and left. Simple, easy, fast.

I always appreciate Walmarts policy to allow travelers to overnight in their parking lot. Walmart is not a store I frequent when not traveling, but to return the favor, I leave the area I parked in cleaner than when I arrived and I stock up on supplies while there. Seems only fair. I do the same for truck stops and other over night parking areas.


With the side doors open, looking in the dense trees, you would be hard pressed to know we were in a Walmart parking lot.

It was a quiet night, peaceful, no road or traffic noise. Other than the sound of rain drops on the roof, it was uneventful. The night was cool and we had a nice cool breeze flowing through the camper all night with the overhead fan on and windows open. Perfect sleeping weather.

The morning started in what would become another constant theme during the trip. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets!

In the morning after packing our supplies, we jumped into the front seats and headed to the border. Still raining, we drove the 10 minutes to the border crossing. Not much traffic, but a short line of about 8 or 9 cars in front of us.


At the border station, we were asked to pull over and wait. When a border agent appeared wearing latex gloves, I was unsure if I was at the doctors office or a police station. Either way, I knew it wasn’t good. She had me open everything up on the camper and asked me to step aside. 30 minutes later, we were on our way.

They have a job to do, and I understand that, so I wasn’t upset. That is until I turned a corner and a cabinet she forget to close spilled it’s contents all over the back of the camper.

We finally made it in. What have they done! What have they unleashed on their citizens!

It did take an hour or so of driving and adjusting things to get rid of all the rattles. When packed properly, nothing rattles or squeaks inside while driving. After the search, I had to spend time to figure out what she touched and then repack it to eliminate the rattles. Coffee cups banging together, pots and pans rattling, cans rolling in the cabinets, DVD’s sliding around. She touched everything! After an hour or so, we had everything quiet again.




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