It’s all happening!

“It’s all happening!”, a line used several times in the movie Almost Famous. And it appears to fit here as well.

The series of events over the last month has been interesting. How the whole trip came about to see the eclipse, the sale of the Decathlon to a buyer that had been following it for a couple years in the forums and blogs, and now the boomerang effect the Airworld L-39 is having. It really seems like a good game of Tetris. Everything working together and fitting perfectly, completing a plan the player was unaware of. Yet, it comes together and all fits.

Short story, I had a L-39 RC turbine jet years ago and sold it when my interest in RC faded. A move I always regretted. I wish I had put it in mothballs and stored it until my interest returned, which I knew would. I tend to cycle through three main hobbies, and have done so nearly all my life.

With plans on selling our house and moving in the spring, I needed to consolidate the fleet of airplanes I’ve collected. The goal was to sell 4 or 5 reducing the number to the few I fly regularly, and add one other special project. Thus reducing the amount of space and storage required for my hobby. Those would also fund the acquisition of the new replacement. Preferably a warbird, which opens up more events I could attend during the season. It should be something I would fly often, turning those hangar queens into more flight time rather than storage time.

While looking around on the forum classified ads, the same size and model L-39 Albatros I previously owned came on the horizon for sale. It was also in military paint scheme classifying it as a warbird. It was cheaper than the one I sold years back, another plus. If the airplane was in good shape and reliable, I knew this deal would happen one way or another. It was just meant to be.

Pictures of the L-39 sent to me from the seller, one of a few dozen more.

My fleet of airplanes would be smaller, leaner, and only those that I fly on a regular basis. It would clean out the workshop and ceiling space in the garage, allow most to fit in my trailer, leave me with extra cash in my pocket, and make our spring home move much easier.  A win all the way around.

This was fate, and hard to pass up.

A byproduct of this is another series of trips right after I return from Nova Scotia on a 2 week vacation with my wife. It’s becoming silly the number of times I’ve traversed the east coast this season. And more to come. And a trip to the northern most point of Nova Scotia, I would have spent nearly has much time at home as I would on the road this season. Almost similar to to last year.

More on the L-39, but first some posts on the Nova Scotia trip!


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