The Stars and Planets Aligned – Part 4

Return Trip, Warbirds over Westover.

The return trip started off normally, then took a turn for the worse. On the trip down to South Carolina, I noticed a noise from the Roadtrek that I attributed to something in the suspension, frame, or front end.  I stopped at a mechanic in Pennsylvania, but everything looked safe and secure, so I continued on to Triple Tree. During that leg of the trip, it eventually stopped altogether.


WWI and WWII both represented in this image

Shortly after leaving Triple Tree on the return trip however, the noise returned. As the miles ticked on, it got worse, went away, and then returned. I couldn’t correlate it to anything specific, such as suspension sway, bumps, steering position, and it was not reproducible. It would just come and go as it seemed fit.

Feeling uneasy again, I decided to cut this leg short and stop at a local campground while I sort this out. I was in the Natural Bridge area in VA, strangely enough, the same exact area I stopped early in May (Joe Nall) when drenched in a torrential rain storm and had to pull over. Jinxed? 10 hrs to Westport will be a long drive the next day.


A small sampling of the aircraft at the event. This was the left half of the runway, and the right side was nearly a duplicate.

My decision was to stay for the night, then in the morning do another inspection under the chassis and see if I can’t find something. If nothing was found, and the noise persisted as I departed, I’d seek out a mechanic and motel room, and not leave until it was resolved.

The morning inspection, an hour of poking and prodding, I found nothing. I departed and listened. Quiet as a mouse. I kept driving willing to invoke plan B if it returned. I was not going to spend 9 hours driving with the anxiety that the font end is about to fall off. But it was silent all morning, and all afternoon.

Then around 8pm, about 45 minutes from Westport, after all the mechanics have closed up shop and went home, it was dark and I was in the middle of nowhere, it resurfaced. Argh! Occasional thumps, but building. I decided to continue on to Wesport unless it got really bad. Luckily it didn’t and I made it safe and sound around 9pm.


Evening around the campfire is always a great time after a day of flying

I arrived late and tired, I usually plan for no more than 6 hours driving in a day. This was nearly 10 hours including a stop of two to check the van. It was a very peaceful night, windows open, nice breeze, night lows in the mid 50’s. Perfect sleeping weather.

With this problem looming in the back of my mine, I focused on the event. It was well attended by pilots from Canada, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and New York, and growing each year. Beautiful field, unlimited overfly area, great view of the Adirondacks as the flying backdrop. I love flying at this site. I try to never miss an event held here.


And lets not forget the master fire making skills of Kenny

I’ll attempt the trip home, all back roads, low speeds, and see what develops. Then its off to the mechanic and won’t be picked up until the problem is resolved.


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