She’s Gone :(

Sellers remorse. Big Time. I loved that airplane, and will miss it.

But the reasons that I decided to sell it still stands, so I know its the best option for me. Its too big for my current trailer, and I don’t want to invest in another trailer and have to build it out. Too time consuming, and one of the reasons I went with the size trailer I have is because it would fit inside the garage for the winter months. So the plane goes, no matter how much want to keep it.


Time to look to the future for it’s replacement. A 40% Edge, MXS, or Slick 580 would be a great replacement project. While its still a 40% airplane like the Decathlon, they are actually smaller. The Decathlon sat tall and had a 150″ wing span. The 40% Edge sits lower, and is nearly 2 feet shorter in wing span. The horizontal stabilizers are easily removed allowing two 40% aerobatic airplanes to fit side by side. This makes a big difference in the trailer.  No longer would I need to decide between the Decathlon and nothing else, or everything else and no Decathlon.


I’ll spend the 1,000 mile trip back home from South Carolina contemplating on a replacement for the Decathlon. I’ll probably be dong a lot of reminiscing as well.


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