New England Coastline Aerials

During my recent travels, as a personal project I’ve been taking aerial videos along various coastline towns in New England I’ve been visiting. I’ve editing a few into short aerial vistas showcasing those areas. Below are two of the most recent ones. I am considering adding a narrative of information on each location, adding voice over, and creating a series focused on aerials of small New England Coastal towns.


Cape Elizabeth, ME

This is actually the first one I created with my camera drone. I shot these during my first practice shoot with the drone after three or four short introductory flights to get used to it. Having flown RC airplanes and helicopters, I was fairly comfortable with it after the first flight. There was no main focus other than the rocky shore, rolling waves, and near by shorelines.


Rye Beach, NH

I jumped off the highway at a few spots in the Rye NH beach area, and captured the early morning vistas. I was lucky enough to capture a fisherman setting off to set lobster traps, and followed him out to sea.



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