I enjoy browsing at stores like EMS, Cabelas, and a local outfitter Kittery Trading Post. Lots of good equipment for outdoor sports. I had the unfortunate experience of visiting the Cabelas in Maine.

No, no, the store was great. I liked the store so much I even spent the night there!

It was the arrival that was the issue. Driving into the parking lot, steam spewing out of the engine compartment, I found a parking spot and shut down. Deciding to let it cool, and check it later, I went inside to browse. $180 of browsing to be exact.


There was a large taxidermy display in the center of the store. Very well done, informative and interesting. I probably spent a half hour just checking out all the different animals and displays.


Back to my vehicle issue. It was 10pm, and the store was closing. I just didn’t want to deal with the problem in the dark, and once resolved I’d be looking of a place to park overnight anyway. I told the store manager my predicament and asked if I could spent the night in the parking lot and deal with it in the morning.

Permission granted, I retired for the night and slept great.

In the morning, I checked the cooling system as best I can on the side of the road. No leaking hoses, water pump belt intact, nothing obvious. The overflow tank was empty, but the radiator was full, so that shouldn’t cause it to overheat. I suspected the thermostat needs to be replaced.

I topped off the overfill tank, bought a gallon of anti-freeze, and the van already had 30 gallons of water in the on-board fresh water tank. As long as the water pump wasn’t the failure, I could deal with the rest and make it home.

Fortunately, it ran perfect, temps steady at 205F-210F, totally normal for the 2 hours home. Still running perfectly. Assuming it was a stuck thermostat and will be replacing that during the next service. It was a minor inconvenience, and a small hiccup to the great service the Roadtrek has been giving me over the last 20K miles. She runs, runs reliable, and seems to give me notice before something major happens so I’m not stuck on the side of the road.


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