Wildwood NJ – Morey’s Piers

Wanting to take a trip with my son before he starts his new job, we decided to head a little south and cruise some of the boardwalks and amusement parks along the Virginia and New Jersey shores. Other than the fact New Jersey and I don’t get along, it was a great idea. But every time I visit New Jersey, something unpleasant happens.

This trip didn’t disappoint in the department, but thats a whole other story. I’ll keep it positive and refrain from bashing New Jersey. The state does have it’s good points.

One of the stops along the trip was Morey’s Piers. Long boardwalk, lots of cheesy souvenir shops, unhealthy food, rides that will leave you feeling ill, whats not to like.


Entrance into the amusement park area



A very nice tribute to our veterans

We found a parking spot 2 blocks from the beach, and used that as our home base. The Roadtrek serves in that capacity nicely. It’s a nice retreat to sit and relax in the air conditioning and beat the heat and humidity between the morning and evening activities. We wandered around for a few hours in the morning and early afternoon, then retreated to the Roadtrek for a hour or so break, then back out for the evening.


Overlooking the entrance area from an upstairs bar


One of the rides at the park

I love wandering around and taking photographs in well light areas as night. Urban streets, amusement parks, concerts, and so on. The lighting is always interesting and moody, which makes for good photographs.


I’ve never seen a two level carousel before

I shared my camera with my son, and give him an impromptu course in night photography. Balancing the available lighting with shadow details, color correction, adjusting aperture and shutter speeds and the effects each would have on the image. He enjoyed it, and created some very nice images.


Another one of the roller coasters


A vertical ride with the ferris wheel in the background

The weather cooled off in the evening and it was quite pleasant. We browsed the gift shops and picked up a t-shirt or two. Decent burgers for dinner at a diner overlooking the boardwalk for good people watching.


Along the boardwalk


Lots of games of chance along the boardwalk

We left a few internal parts of our wallets on the games of chance. Kind of like the lottery, fun to play, but you’re most likely to walk away empty handed. Although Eric did manage a small score.


And if so inclined, end you evening with a tattoo to memorialize the day

We did a few of the rides, but mostly just hung out together, walked, talked, and enjoyed the ambiance. With him moving for his new job, and starting his career, I knew it was going to be a ‘Cats in the Cradle’ scenario for the foreseeable future. It was good quality time over the 4 day trip. The only down side was returning to our campground one night only to find our entire campsite had been stolen. Grill, chairs, wet towels, partly full gallon of water, level blocks, and ground matt. Who does that!

Did I say New Jersey and I just don’t get along?



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