Beijing Blues

While on a work trip to China, I also had a list of personal photography I wanted to accomplish. I arrived in the country on a nice sunny afternoon. Checked in the hotel, got settled, everything unpacked and charging. I had a free day before my work commitments and I wanted to take advantage of it.

The next morning I woke up, ready to bounce around Beijing. I looked out the window and the excitement plummeted.


Day 1, First Light in Beijing

I felt a strong need to gasp for air. This can’t be real.

There was a haze of pollution that could be cut with a knife. This continued for the first couple of days I was in China and I wasn’t sure when, or if, it would clear.

I tried to use it to an advantage as best I could. Once the sun had risen, some of the haze dissipated, some nice images could be taken using the haze and sun creatively. Not as expected, but lemonade from lemons.


View from my hotel room in Shanghai

It finally cleared on my fourth day and the haze didn’t return during my trip. I had heard of the pollution prior to arriving, but never expected it to be this dense. Even my haze filter looked as me and threw up its threads as if to say “What do you expect me to with this mess!”.


Sometimes you just need to play the hand dealt. I did manage to create a nice series of ‘China Smog’ images, and overall the trip was a success. I’ll post a series of images from my China trip in the near future.


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