‘Ellis’ Is Born – Finally Named the Roadtrek

My larger motor homes in the past always felt like a land yacht. Big, floating down the road, gently swaying from side to side like a large sail boat in somewhat calm seas. In contrast, the Roadtrek is very different.

In the van, space is at a premium. Every system has a purpose which needs to justify its existence.  There is no wasted space, any usable area is turned into storage or has a purpose. Many things have multiple purposes, or can be re-configured to serve dual functions.

Since it is small, everything used for minimal time is compacted, and anything used for extended periods is prioritized. The toilet and shower are pushed into a side closet and the shower ingeniously uses part of the isle. This is acceptable since its only used for perhaps 10 minutes a day. The bed on the other hand is used for a significant portion of the day, has a higher priority, and thus is a full queen size bed area.

It is totally self contained, providing its own climate, containing its own waste, storing its fuel, water, propane, and supplies for extended voyages. Everything is within easy reach, and no farther than 3 or 4 steps away. Once stocked with provisions and fuel, it’s capable of long trips. It has external communications to the outside world via CB and Ham radios, and uses state of the art GPS satellite navigation.

Its less of a land yacht, and more of a personal submarine.

A Land Submarine, Land Sub, or LS for short.  She is also my Lifestyle Support (LS) vehicle, supporting the pursuit of my lifestyle, hobbies, and work.

Thus, she is named ‘LS’, or  Ellis to be more proper. (I certainly don’t want to insult her!)


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