Room with a View

I’m a creative. A photographer. We pay for visuals by hiring special locations, building elaborate sets, extensive wardrobe and props, or otherwise doing what we need in order to get great visuals. So why should my hotel room be any different 🙂


The Park Hyatt is on the top floors of the building in the background, looking down on the two in the foreground.

When I needed to book a room in Shanghai, I noticed the Park Hyatt hotel in the heart of Lujiazui business district in Pudong. What caught my eye, they showed an image from one of the rooms looking down on the city. The hotel occupies floors 79 to 93 of the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC), and makes it on a very short list of the highest hotels in the world.


Looking down, I felt like an airplane on a very high left base traffic pattern

I looked in the cost of a room, expecting it to be outrageously expensive. After all it is a 5 star rated hotel and looking at their images of the rooms and the view they possess, they can command high prices. But with the favorable exchange rate, it wasn’t nearly as bad and I thought. So I booked a room on the highest floor I could get. Not that it really makes any difference between say floor 86 and 91.


This was what I really paid for. The view was spectacular and ever changing. Well, they also waited on me hand an foot, that was nice too 😉

The view was everything I had hoped for. Although heavy rain and clouds were expected the days before my arrival, and after. I was afraid the clouds would clear late or move in early, and I’d be looking at 18% gray windows rather than a spectacular view. Luckily, the weather forecasters were correct. Everything worked out perfectly.


Waking up in the middle of the night and see this makes you not want to go back to sleep.

The hotel room was great. Large, roomy, a view to die for, and they waited on me hand and foot. Everything was automated, including the toilet seat that was situated in a room all by itself. While I liked opening and closing all the blinds and blackout curtains by a switch by the bed, I elected to forego the automation in the bathroom. I was too afraid I would have to explain why I was walking funny to my client after an accidental self injury. But it was fun to see the toilet greet me by lighting up and opening the toilet seat cover every time I entered the room.


I didn’t even try. Didn’t want to injure myself 🙂


TV embedded in the mirror


Snacks or condoms tongiht. Decisions decisions..


Fresh fruits every day


Large bathroom with separate dressing room







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