Needed a few days for creativity

When you feel like you are in a creative slump and have work that requires you to be on your game, sometimes a change of scenery and pace is all the kick you need. And this place kicked for sure. Steps to the ocean from where I camped, the sound of breaking waves lulled me to sleep, and a constant breeze blew through the van. It was a welcome retreat for a few days of script writing and video editing.


Setting sun over Horseneck Beach


Setting sun over Horseneck Beach


Camping steps to the ocean, cool fall temps kept any bugs away.

Horseneck Beach is located in southern MA just east of Cape Cod in Westport MA. It’s great during the early spring and late fall as you avoid the summer crowds. Not as nice as Assateague Island National Seashore where I literally camped on the sand and had a 1/2 mile of beach all to myself (early spring). But it was uncrowded and there were few people on the beach. There is a reasonably nice campground with a modern bath house, but no on site hookups. For the oceanfront sites, each has a private path to the ocean which is steps away.


Day 3, an even better sunset!

After a couple days of a good solid peaceful environment, lots of work done, its time to head back 😦 However, I returned with my wife the following week to spend some quality time together 🙂



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