Front Table Upgrade

I modified the front table in the van to be more useful, and will be doing the same in the rear. The front table originally folded out from behind the drivers seat, which worked ok but was very limited.

The original table was left in place, and I installed a second swivel table available from Lagun. This allowed for many different configurations, and was also height adjustable. Its probably the best livability upgrade I’ve done on the van. Having both tables adds so much flexibility, as well as more counter/table space when needed. Both tables can be folded up and out of the way for a clear seating space.

[UPDATE 3/2017] The table worked out so nicely that I rarely use the rear dinette table setup anymore, and configured the rear as a full time queen bed. I’m making a custom wood table to replace the white Formica table shown, but it will have a very similar layout. Look for a new post on the custom table in the near future.

Here are some images to give you some ideas on the versatility of the layouts.


Table stowed, open three way seating


Table positioned as a coffee table for all three seats

Since the table can swivel to be used from any of the front seats, it allows me to sit in whichever seat has the best view out the windows and still have a table, while the other seats serve as a foot rest. So much versatility in the seating arrangement for one or two people, that I’m glad Roadtrek didn’t try to fit in a standard small dinette.


Table positioned as small dinette seating


Table with fold outs for use as extended dinette seating

I’m not fond of the flip up extensions because of their odd shape. When building a custom tabletop for this area I will build the top with less rounded corners on both he table and extensions.


Table with all fold outs extended and original table deployed as a large project work area for someone in passenger seat


Table swiveled to use for kitchen prep. Lower left shows auxiliary counter extended as well


Another view showing table and auxiliary counter extended for kitchen use


Another table configuration for kitchen preparation use


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