Commerce Visualized, Barcelona Spain

While in Barcelona Spain on a personal trip I wandered upon this scene. What fascinated me was that Spains goods trade was visualized all in one scene right here in front of me, and all the gears and levers were turning.


The cargo ships off in the distance waiting to dock and load/off-load, more ships being unloaded at the docks by huge cranes.  A steady flow of semi-trucks hauling freshly offloaded containers to deliver goods to local retail and grocery stores, manufacturers, and businesses. Large tanks dot the facility for storing liquid and gas products.


The cruise ships symbolizing tourist dollars flowing into the economy, calmly waiting to retrieve their passengers with empty wallets. A series of buildings for customs inspections and storage. New automobiles freshly imported waiting to be shipped to local car dealers.


It was all there, a detailed visualization of the flow of goods, all in one location and visible from a nearby hilltop. It was interesting to just watch the activity of Spains economic trade in progress.

My high school should have brought me here rather than sit me in a class and write it out on the chalkboard. I would have paid far more attention 🙂


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