Little Big Town/Martina McBride

I was going through my archives and realized  I never posted any of the images from this project. I was hired by their record label to capture stills and behind the scenes video during the filming of Little Big Towns music video “I’m with the Band”, as well as their concert with Martina McBride. The concerts were held in Manchester NH, while the filming of the video was spread out around Lawrence MA and greater Boston area. It was a busy week, but a very fun project.


The concert and stage portion of the music video was shot first. A few rehearsals so we could get tight shots on stage for the video without disrupting the live show. After the rehearsals we filmed the actual concert for wider shots to include the audience.

I use an app on my iPhone to track my daily exercise. Its amazing how many miles you can cover between the seating and backstage during on concert. On average, I did about 6 miles each night in a confined concert hall.

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Over the course of the week, we shot two concerts staged for filming the music video performance segments, and three days of on set work for the creative portions. The concert portions were shot in the Verizon Arena in Manchester NH. A couple floors rented in an older warehouse in Lawrence MA served for another performance segment.

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An older converted bus ‘mounted’ on a flat bead trailer was rented for some of the interior shots of the band traveling on the road. You’d never know in the video that it had a flat front tire, didn’t run, and was being hauled around the city on a trailer. The band and crew needed a ladder to get in and our of the bus. At one point Kimberly opened a window to talk with the crew and I grabbed a nice candid of her I still like to this day.

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Working with Karen, Philip, Jimmy, and Kimberly I found them to be very gracious and easy going, and their love of music is so evident in person. I didn’t work much with Martina, other than meeting her before and after her concert, but also found her very to be very friendly and approachable.


A candid shot of two of the actors portraying the younger version of the band in the video.

The two actors that were portrayed in the early years of the video were standing off to the side watching the filming in the warehouse. There was a window just to the left creating a nice wrap around north light. The background beyond them was a nice mix of shadows and windows creating a nice soft look. I too a minute to shoot a few frames and captured this nice candid portrait of them.


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