Use more dynamic viewpoints for stronger images.

In the normal course of the day, the typical viewpoint for a human is about 4.5′ off the ground. Standing height, sitting in car, sitting on a chair or stool, and looking left and right, up and down at that height. We see so much of the world this way it’s commonplace. Nothing new.

Just choosing a different angle, height, and engaging your subject from that viewpoint will add a tremendous amount of visual interest on its own. It creates interest by breaking their normal viewpoint and giving them something different. The path less traveled.


The viewpoint adds to the interest in this snapshot of my dog. The depth of field also centers the viewers focus, and using the rule of thirds helps with a more dynamic subject placement. There is also a bit if ‘dutch tilt’ which gives it a bit of tension. It’s still just a dog eating, but has more impact than if taken from eye level and looking down.

To create a much more dynamic image, change the viewpoint. Use a view that is uncommon and not normally seen. Lay on the floor, stand on a ladder, use some dutch tilt, shoot from outside in, from above, from below, through objects in the foreground.

Anything different will add some additional interest to your images and give the viewer a fresh viewpoint. If all the other components of the image are done well, it will dramatically improve the overall image and add additional interest for the viewer.


This was shot overhead for its more interesting angle, but also out of necessity to show all the elements of the scene clearly. There was a lot of detail that needed to be shown to fully illustrate the scene for the viewer. We remotely triggered the flash on the CSI photographers camera as the main light and to add authenticity. Secondary strobes were used for fill light.


I shot this image while lying in the grass in order to get a more dynamic angle, include the grass and leaves in the foreground to help frame the subject, and the interesting sky in the background.


Another example shooting from a low angle, using the reflection off the floor to lead the viewer to the subject and add interest. This was shot for a bridal fashion catalog as one of the section covers. It was one in a series of 60 or so images shot for the manufacturer.


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