Prom at the Circus, power failure


Preparing the Big Top for Prom (iPhone6)

There are some breaks in the daily schedule of moving from place to place where they have a multi-day stand. Staying in place for two or three days. On one of these stands they decided to put on a themed party, a ‘Prom’.

With the tent being setup, complete with lighting, sound system, band, seating, etc, what better place to have it. Decorations, refreshments from the cookhouse, everyone dressing up, and you have a party.


Behind the circus, between the Big Top and the ‘Village’.  (Canon 5DMkII,24-70L)

The truck in the foreground is the generator which provides power for the entire show, concessions, lighting, and all the trailers and RV’s in the village. A big job considering all the equipment and gear it needs to power, especially in the summer when all the air conditioners are running.

On one of the days were were filming the generator shutdown right in the middle of the show. As the motto “The show must go on” states, the show continued during the outage. Crews quickly got it back up and running after a few minutes.

You’ll see more of each of these in the documentary once finished.


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