Special Maine coast hiding spot


I have a nice spot in Maine that I like to visit and work from. I can park on the coast, open my doors, and work with the view and sounds of the ocean all day. Its also great for taking a break and walking along the rough rocky coastline, working on photography, and having lunch at the convenient nearby lobster shack.


Most of these images were taken with my trusty travel camera, a Olympus EM5 with a kit lens. Small, portable, and provides great results for a micro-four thirds camera for non-critical use. When I went to Barcelona Spain, I left my expensive gear home and used the EM5 extensively for documenting my travels. A stark contrast to my China trip where I lugged a full size Canon DSLR and L-lens around the country which was no fun. The EM5 and lenses were so light and gave me much better mobility.


For most uses, the EM5 is more than up to the task. While I wouldn’t use it to shoot my commercial work, for billboards, or low light, etc, the images up to 16×20 are on par with the Canon if I do my part.





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