I Ran Away With the Circus

It’s true. Literally.


I had the opportunity to live with a traveling circus for three weeks, travel the countryside, and film all aspects of their operation for a documentary. We traveled to a new site every day, visited several states, rode in the rolling convey as it traveled the highways and back roads. Long days, 4:30AM wake up calls, 11:30PM lights out, these people never stop. I admire them for their work ethic and sense of family and community.

I will blog along the way without giving away too much. Its a nice peek into what it takes to put on a traveling show that visits a new site each day and puts on two shows, then disappears by morning.

The documentary, “24hr Circus“, will be out sometime late 2017 or early 2018.


Dumping the morning footage for review while queued waiting for location setup.


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