Time exposures out an airplane window


A long time exposure blurred the clouds covering Boston below, looking more like a stream of warm flowing backlit water. As hard as I tried to eliminate the reflection on the left, the double panes in the window made it impossible at the angle I needed. With the natural flex in the wings, well, that created blur in the wings at long exposures as well. If the wing was sharper in this capture, I’d spend the time to remove the reflection in Photoshop.


Another image showing some city lights making it through the clouds. I was tempted to ask the captain if he could make another pass and change my seating assignment so I could get a better shot and fix the issues noted. I’m sure he would have said no problem!


I could barely see the wing in the darkness, yet a 3.2 second exposure at f6.3 and ISO 3200 captured this during a left turn on landing approach to Logan International. Shot with a Olympus EM5 using in-body stabilization and bracing myself against the window, wall, and seat. I like its abstract feel.

I’ll post a few more ‘from the air’ shots next time I dig through the archives in the near future.


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