Stumbled Upon a Military Aviation Museum in Virginia

While taking the two lane blacktop (back roads) out of Georgia, I stumbled upon this sign. Strangely, it seemed like it was in the middle of a residential area, and seemed out of place. Not something I was likely to run across where I was. Yet there it stood.


Being an aviation buff, I had to go back. Loving the fact I am traveling in a very small RV, I quickly did a three point turn and headed back. While in the parking lot, I looked up their website. Good reviews, seems like they have lots of exhibits, and reasonable price. Time to go inside.

I was not disappointed. Lots of airplanes, as well as other military exhibits. The aircraft were very clean, well maintained, and from what I was told most are in flyable condition and regularly flown. Oh if only I had access to such a stable 🙂

Here is a very small sample of the aircraft on display. So much to see. Not to be missed if you are in the area and have a affection for nice aircraft.












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