Sleeping at the Toll Booth

Just over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge are the tolls, and to the right is the Eastern Shore of Virginia Welcome Center. They have a large parking area for overnight travelers and tucks. Truck stops can sometimes be noisy as truckers usually leave their engines running all night for heat, power, or air conditioning.


Virginia Welcome Center, Eastern Shore

I found a quiet corner backed up against the trees. Well, it was quiet until around 4am when a Prude truck pulled in right next to me. I briefly woke, but then fell right back to sleep.

It was well lit, and felt very safe. The visitors center has clean restrooms, information center, both typical for a rest stop. Once they opened in the morning I used the facilities, filled up on water, and headed out for the Assateague Island National Seashore.


Looking out at the parking lot and tolls from the skylight.


Same view first thing in the morning. Not may trucks or RV for the size of the parking area.

When I arrived at night, the parking area was mostly empty. Maybe 4 trucks and a 2 RV’s in a lot that could park several dozen. In the morning, it was about the same. Some trucks left, others arrived, but all in all pretty empty.

I put a Star on my Google Maps saved places, which I use for finding and remembering overnight stops along the routes I normally drive. I also label them as possible if I haven’t stayed there yet, and good/fair/poor once I visit in person. Then when driving and using Google Maps in the GPS mode, I can see the potential overnight areas as I drive, and check the notes. Really helpful when drive without a plan, and will just wing it on the way as to stops and overnights. Along with iExit and AllStays apps on the iPhone, its the three apps I use most for travel planning.


iExit App for iPhone. Excellent source of points of interest at each exit along the interstates.



AllStays app on iPhone. Great source for camping, fuel, restaurants, dump stations, rest stops, truck stops, and large retail outlets such as Walmart, Cabelas, Lowes, Home Depot, and so on, 


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