Picked up the new Office :)

Roadtreks are fairly scarce unless you are willing to shell out $100K for a new one. Having researched them for well over a year, I knew the year range and model I wanted. Hunting one down was a completely different story. They are scarce to begin with, and the ones I did find always seemed to have some issues. So I knew I would need to search nationwide.


Waiting for my plane to arrive at the gate

After a good 6 month search, I found one in California. It was priced right, low mileage, and very clean. I was working with the dealer when out of the blue he told me some buyers were flying in from Denver with cash in hand to buy it. This was after we agreed on a price and I was in the process of sending him a deposit. I think he got a motivated buyer willing to throw a few extra dollars his way. I was not happy.


A month later, I found one in Tennessee. I put up the money, shipped a couple of boxes of necessities, and jumped on a plane. 6 hours later I was in the dealers lot. A less than desirable transaction with the dealer, but the van was solid and in good shape. I spent the night locally to test all the systems prior to heading home.

It will give me shelter from the elements, keep me warm or cold as desired, a comfortable bed to sleep in, ample food and water storage, meets my kitchen and bath needs, and enough storage to house my outdoor living gear. Even though small, I can’t go too wrong. I hope!


I’ve owned both sizes now. I love the maneuverability and compactness of the Class B.

Compared to my last motor home, this was very small, but comfortable. The longer I live, the more I find I can actually be happier with less. Less stuff means less work and responsibilities, and that translates to more freedom with that extra time and money. More like the good old days of backpacking, but with more creature comforts needed with advancing age 🙂

Time will tell.


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