Gypsy and the Orb

Having the studio free for the day due to a last minute client cancellation, I decided to experiment with the free time. My daughter was in the studio, and we developed this concept together. We then found appropriate props in the storage room, and she ran home to grab some appropriate wardrobe, jewelry, and accessories. The shoot was on.


The background was a black cloth that had reflective thread which created reflections in the background which added more interest than a stark black background would. I used a tungsten hot light to illuminate the background to pull out the reflections. The Orb was hung on a string from a C-stand and arm and fishing line. The props were assembled in the foreground, candle lit, and the model (my daughter) sat on an overturned 5 gallon bucket. I used multiple strobes with snoots to focus attention on her, the head scarf she wore, and the props in the chest in front of her. The candle was shot separately and composited in.

We both take some pride in this image for the creativity and ability to pull this off from conception to completed in a few hours (not including post processing). Plus, it’s a bonding experience we share, and have an image to remember it by.



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